Permian Investment Partners, LP

Permian Investment Partners, LP (the “Company or Permian”) is currently registered as an investment adviser under the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (the “Advisers Act”).

The Company’s investment philosophy is to target absolute returns across market cycles through the implementation of a Western European-focused, value-oriented and event-driven equity long/short strategy. Permian Investment Partners, LP is a Delaware limited partnership formed in 2008 and is controlled by Alex Duran, Scott Hendrickson and Joseph Swain (collectively, the “Principals”). Former partner Cara Goldenberg departed the firm in 2012.

The Company believes analysis of high-level management change provides insight into the market. When coupled with a second level screen for securities with material intrinsic value dislocations (as measured by the potential free cash flows available to equity holders under best-in-class operational management and implementation of the most efficient capital structure), this analysis yields an original pipeline of ideas. This presents the opportunity for absolute returns over a long-term investment horizon.

Note: This information reflects Permian’s opinion and goals and should not be understood as a prediction or projection of actual investments that will be made or transactions that will be achieved. All investment strategies involve significant risks, including availability of opportunities and execution of ideas and as such may not be achieved.